Insomniac's first super-hero game is worthy of Spider-Man's standing among fans. It is a memorable, accessible, and fun game with a deep and emotional story that not only lets you explore the world of Spider-Man, but also as Peter Parker and the people he loves.
Despite a few misses, Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN- still brings that rush unique to the Guilty Gear series. While I'm still aching from missing Jam and Millia's old look, I still find myself playing the game daily. Find out more about this Sony Playstation and arcade exclusive in this #B2G review.
Street Fighter V doesn't suck, quite the contrary... it's an excellent game focused on fighting game basics and fundamentals. It's Capcom's bad decisions that surround the game in bad light. Read more in our #review of Street Fighter V. #RiseUp #FGC
As part of the ongoing Suplex City Census, this year's installment of the WWE 2K series confirms a whopping 36 more superstars, current and classic, as part of its growing roster as we near the game's release. As per 2K's press release, here are the names we'll be bringing into the ring come October: