The price of convenience and portability is not cheap as we've seen with ultrabooks, SFF PCs and NUCs. But have you seen a portable monitor that you can carry around without the hassle of a transportation and without worrying that it might break in transit? What we have here ASUS' solution for a portable display, enter the ZenScreen MB16A 15.6" 1080p USB-C Monitor. Read on as we wrap up 2018 with this #B2G Review
SpecterPro's success in disrupting the market didn't stop with the release of the G255SL. They released a new product line aimed to fill the curved 24" and 27" variants while being able to maintain its competitive pricing. What we have here is the SpecterPro XT27NS 27" 1080p 144Hz curved gaming monitor. How does it compare against monitors in its class? Learn more in this #B2G Review
The ROG Delta is a long awaited headset release that is set to be the alpha of gaming headsets. Its Quad-DAC brings ASMR to a whole new level as it not just designed for gaming, but also as your daily driver for all your devices. Learn more about the ROG's newest masterpiece in this #B2G Review.
Rakk Gears continues to exceed expectations with every release of their mechanical keyboards that offers "value for the money". This time, they provided us with a keyboard that has flagship-like features at a very low price. Read on about the Rakk Ilis and learn why it's dubbed as a premium mechanical keyboard in this #B2G review.
Have you ever heard of a monitor brand called "BEZEL"? No, not the literal bezel, but a monitor display unit called BEZEL. This BEZEL 27MD28911 is a 27 Inch monitor that features a 144Hz refresh rate and 3ms response time GtG. So if you're on a budget and looking for a gaming monitor, you might want to check this one out first.