Rakk Gears continues to exceed expectations with every release of their mechanical keyboards that offers "value for the money". This time, they provided us with a keyboard that has flagship-like features at a very low price. Read on about the Rakk Ilis and learn why it's dubbed as a premium mechanical keyboard in this #B2G review.
Have you ever heard of a monitor brand called "BEZEL"? No, not the literal bezel, but a monitor display unit called BEZEL. This BEZEL 27MD28911 is a 27 Inch monitor that features a 144Hz refresh rate and 3ms response time GtG. So if you're on a budget and looking for a gaming monitor, you might want to check this one out first.
ASUS' new flagship headset boasts both wired/wireless modes, support for both PC, console and mobile gaming and a nifty on-ear control touch plate. There's plenty to like about the ROG STRIX Fusion 700, but with a premium asking price, its definitely not something everyone would run out and buy. But it does look really cool. Find out more about the ROG Strix Fusion 700 wired/wireless gaming headset in this #B2G review.
In the world of gaming peripherals, mousepads are often disregarded by most players as they don't offer as much of a comparable advantage against another. It often boils down to user preference in sizes from small pads to extended ones or choosing between cloth or plastic. The ROG Strix Edge begs to differ as it dares to be different from other gaming mousepads. Learn more about its edge in this #B2G Review
A gaming mouse is a type of peripheral that mostly relies on user choice due to factors such as ergonomics, as a user is more likely to do more strenuous mouse movements than keystrokes. With that, brands develop gaming mice that are either ergonomic or ambidextrous. What we have here from ASUS is a mouse which is famous for its ergonomics, design, and build quality. Take a look at the ROG Gladius II and what makes this mouse gamer's dream in this #B2GReview
"... it's excellent build does give it a huge advantage over its likeliest competitor, the K95. While all of these offer great features and functionality, I would be more confident carrying an ROG Strix Flare in a fight than the Corsair" Read on the find out more about the ROG Strix Flare mechanical keyboard in this #B2G review!