We've had a ton of audiophile IEMs here in B2G and when we encounter a "gaming" IEM, there's always this smirk in our face that says "it's just one of those things again." Not in the case of the Tt eSports Isurus. We've reviewed this IEM in the past and now we have the new rendition, the Isurus Pro, and we're delighted to see that Tt eSports has retained their highly praised audio quality for this budget IEM. Read more about why we think the Tt eSports Isurus Pro in-ear gaming headset deserves our #B2G Performance Award in this review.
The gaming headset market offers a plethora of choices with each of them having an edge such as RGB lighting, wireless, detachable mic or 7.1 surround. But it all boils down to user preference, based on what are the important features for the user and what features is he willing to give up. Today, we take a look at the Plantronics RIG 500 Gaming Headset to see what features make or break this gaming gear. Read more in the #B2G Review.
One of the biggest campaigns in IndieGogo, the Axent Wear Cat Ear Headphones has gotten $3.4 million in funding which is a testament to the appeal of this product. Still, at $150 its a very expensive pair of cans. We give it the full B2G treatment so read on to find out more about the #AxentWear Cat Ear headphones and speaker in this #B2G review. #neko
BitFenix's first outing in a totally different market is the ushers in the Flo headphones. While marketing for the product gives it a confused status of being either for gaming or audiophiles, its good to know that BitFenix managed to make something to please fans on both end of the spectrum. Read on to find out more about the compact BitFenix Flo in this #B2G review.