The Tt eSports Cronos AD gaming headset is an affordable and flexible headset for gamers who game on multiple platforms but just want a single pair of cans for all their gaming needs. At $69, it competes with tons of gaming headsets in the market but its got a good set of feature setting it apart from the rest. Find out more about the #TteSports Cronos AD gaming headset in this #B2G review.
The HyperX Cloud is without question a huge success for Kingston and has spawned numerous designs but Kingston is trying out something new with the release of the HyperX Revolver. With a metal frame and a striking physical appearance, this a serious contender to its brother's crown. Read on to find out more about the Kingston HyperX Cloud Revolver in this #B2G review.
You can be a gamer and an audiophile but its hard to be the same at once. Not with all these gaming headset muddying up the scene with their definition of quality audio. Sennheiser once again brings its science to the gaming scene, with the Sennheiser GAME ONE open-back gaming headset. Read more in this #B2G review. #gaming #audio #esports #cans