RAKK has been continuously improving since its inception in 2015. RAKK's product offerings such as cases, mice and keyboards appeal to the masses because of their value for the money. The success of its flagship mechanical keyboard, the Kimat XT.2 proved that RAKK values customer feedback as it received high praises from its customers. Today, Rakk stepped up their game with the release of its Wireless Low Profile Mechanical Keyboard. Read more in this #B2GReview
The HAVIT HV-380L is a well-built keyboard. The same thing can be said for its durability and overall quality. The unique approach that resulted in its design makes this keyboard a strong choice in its category. The RGB and its lighting effect on the keyboard is a cherry on top. However, its price is something that will make you think twice and its RGB is not as good as Chroma or Spectrum like RGB. Also, it's a membrane keyboard and not a real mechanical keyboard.
Spot on precision, grip comfort, excellent accuracy/sensitivity, and programmable buttons are a few things that any hardcore PC gamers would want to have in their computer mouse (and RGB). However, to have all of these, you usually have to pay a premium...but HAVIT thinks otherwise. Offering 19 programmable buttons, PIXART 3360 Optical Sensor, and OMRON Switches for less than USD30(PHP1500). What more could you ask for? Oh yeah, still needs RGB.
The rally of budget mechanical keyboards has been intense as more brands are releasing their own signature of a "budget" mechanical keyboard. With the spark of this trend started by RAKK, they are once again releasing another mechanical keyboard that has the sweet features of premium boards, but on a budget. Today, we take at look at the RAKK Kimat XT.2 to see whether it is the perfect balance of budget and performance. Read more in this #B2G Review
If you're looking for a replacement to your worn out keycaps, the Gigaware 104 PBT Glass-Coated Keycaps is worth considering. It's glass-like coating, double shot like design, and the use of PBT material are its advantages. It is also available in four different colour such as red, white, teal, and yellow.