Corsair iCUE 5000X RGB Case Review - icue 5000x
#ICYMI: The Corsair iCUE 5000X is a the size step-up from the 4000-series chassis and brings more space for more watercooling potential. Is this the case for you? At Php11,800, its a premium case but one of the most elegant around. Find out more in #B2G review.
NZXT also joins the mATX case party with its latest line of H-series chassis with the H400i. Featuring NZXT's new CAM-powered Smart Device, this chassis boasts dynamic noise reduction tailored to your system along with features that make even the most challenging mATX builds a less painful endeavor. Read on to find out more about the NZXT H400i mATX chassis in this #B2G review!
We check out the latest and greatest chassis from NZXT, the continuation of their successful H-series with the new H700i featuring CAM-powered Smart Device. Read on to find out more about how NZXT reimagines one of its greatest line in this #B2G review!
At Php2990 (PCHUB) you're getting a lot from the IN WIN 101: tempered glass, premium SECC steel, elegant looks and plenty of room to fit your components as well as custom loop options for watercoolers and modders. Easily our top recommendation for the most budget-friendly, enthusiast chassis you can get right now. Read on to find out more about the IN WIN 101 in this #B2G review!
I always felt that mATX chassis were a bit restrictive in terms of build choices but surprisingly the IN WIN provides plenty of flexibility whilst still being smaller than previous-generation mini-towers. Read on to find out more about this deceptively functional chassis in our in-depth #B2G review of the IN WIN 301 mATX chassis.
Building upon the design of the original GENOME, DeepCool's GENOME II adds a couple of improvements to their revolutionary chassis with built-in AIO liquid cooling. Complete with a double-helix reservoir, the GENOME II removes the need to mess around your case to install AIO cooling. Just pop the block and install your components and you're all set. All that while looking stylish. Find out more about the DeepCool GamerStorm Genome II chassis with built-in 360mm AIO liquid cooling in this thorough #B2G review!
One of the most hotly anticipated releases from Tecware; the Tecware Alpha chassis makes its debut and we have it right here in the #B2G labs. For Php2350 (white) and/or Php2250 (black), this is one unrivaled chassis in its price range when it comes to features. Read on and find out more about the Tecware Alpha midtower gaming chassis in this B2G #exclusive #review.
We got the Thermaltake Core X9 in the #B2G labs and its by far one of the largest cases we've had for review. This isn't your normal gaming PC chassis, just no. This is one for the watercooling enthusiasts and modders out there who want a canvas for their artistic creations. Find out more in this #B2G review.
Let's take a look at the latest addition in the Silverstone Kublai series of chassis: the Kublai KL05. Plenty of space for watercooling and cable management make this case a really clean and efficient option for builders who want a more conventional look for their chassis. Read more in this #B2G exclusive review.