Antec serves up another chassis for gamers and enthusiasts. Will this military-themed midtower pack enough features to go toe-to-toe with its more famed brothers in Antec's port folio? Read on and find out if the GX700 from Antec makes the cut in the Back2Gaming army.
BitFenix. BitFenix everywhere... promise though, this is the last one of our B2G cube case round-up from BitFenix. We're building something nasty for a future feature and one these babies will be home that a new beast. Check it out in the link!
If you don't glance at your chassis much nor don't want to hear it humming along while working, the BitFenix Ghost is a silent-chassis with plenty of space for your high-end components yet keep everything quiet as a cat's feet. Check out this #B2G #review of the BitFenix Ghost midtower chassis. Yup, its a big-ass mid-tower.
While it may have an older interior design, the BitFenix Shadow does offer a good mix of looks and function which specifically caters to storage nuts who need a chassis that can house more than 5 hard drives. Let's take a look at the BitFenix Shadow chassis in this #B2G review.
Corsair iCUE 5000X RGB Case Review - icue 5000x
#ICYMI: The Corsair iCUE 5000X is a the size step-up from the 4000-series chassis and brings more space for more watercooling potential. Is this the case for you? At Php11,800, its a premium case but one of the most elegant around. Find out more in #B2G review.