At Php6,999, this is a great deal compared to the $250 SRP of the XPG Precog and given its excellent sound quality and detail plus its high versatility make it a great choice for any gaming use. Its not every day we get a good competitor for the HyperX but the XPG Precog is a great alternative for major returns. Read on to find out more in #B2G review
Going the "gaming" route for the current X299 platform is a risky decision but GIGABYTE has placed all their faith in just that releasing all their X299 products under the AORUS GAMING series. Today we take a look at the decked-out GIGABYTE X299 AORUS GAMING 9 motherboard, the flagship of GIGABYTE's X299 product line. It's a tough call, but from a functionality standpoint, GIGABYTE does get a lot of things right even if the motherboard does drown in a ton of RGB lights. Read on to find out more about this motherboard in this #B2G review!
We take a look at the Fractal Design Core 1100 mATX chassis for today's #B2G review. Its got great build quality for a budget chassis and some fine attention to details. We still have a few things we don't like but overall its a solid chassis worthy of a B2G Value Award. Find out more in our review.