Where to Have Fun in Canada

Canada is one of the most appealing tourist destinations across the globe, with more than 25 million tourists annually visiting the country. On top of having some incredible sceneries and historic sites, Canada is also home to some awesome casino resorts that attract lots of local and international players annually. So, if you’re a fan of playing Vulkan Vegas casino games online, you might as way pay a visit to the country’s revered brick and mortar casinos to have a test of the action in real life.

Well, whichever way you’d like to spend your holidays, Canada is one of the most versatile countries you can visit. Here’s a highlight of places you can tour in Canada on your next vacation;

1.      Jasper National Park

The Jasper National Park is one of the most breathtaking places to visit in Canada as it bears visually powerful scenes at every single turn. As a traveler, you can relish a variety of heavenly views as you hike from the crests of Mount Edith Cavell to the caves of Maligne Canyon. Located on Alberta’s eastern border, Jasper National Park also acts as a bonfire for explorers within the Northern Hemisphere.

It is the largest national park sitting in the Canadian Rockies and is officially recognized as a portion of a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Jasper boasts over 2.7 million acres of land that travelers can explore, and as you tour the park, you’ll come across different animals, including the wolverine, caribou and moose.

Jasper Park is an incredible place to visit, particularly because of its natural appeal where you can connect more with mother earth’s natural marvels, including rivers, mountains and even glaciers. To add icing to the cake, Jasper town adds to the park’s attraction as it also functions as a convenient campground where travelers can rest and regroup before they continue their escapades. Furthermore, during winter, travelers get to relish cold-weather activities such as snowshoeing and skiing. Irrespective of the season, there’s always a reason to go to see Canada’s Jasper National Park.

2.      Casino Niagara

Casino Niagara, located in Ontario, is one of the best casino facilities in Canada where you can enjoy wagering on your favorite casino games. Founded in December 1996, Casino Niagara offers more than 13,000 slot machines along with over 30 betting tables. Additionally, the casino also provides a poker room for the big bettors plus a multipurpose sports gambling section that gives sports betting fans an opportunity to back their favorite teams with real money. To make things even more interesting for visitors, Casino Niagara also runs 4 popular restaurants with desirable live entertainment on Friday and Saturday nights.

3.      Casino De Montreal

Found in Quebec, Casino De Montreal is regarded as one of the biggest land-based casinos in Canada and the entire world. The huge casino is located on the banks of Norte Dam of Montreal, and on average, before the current Coronavirus pandemic turned things sour, the daily average number of visitors was about 20,000. Casino De Montreal boasts of having more than 100 gambling tables among other high octane casino gaming services for all patrons over 18 years old. And like any other casino resort, Casino De Montreal is also known for offering one of the most prestigious accommodations and dining experiences.

4.      Banff

If you’d like to experience the lifestyle of a Swiss skiing village but wouldn’t want to cough up the money for a trans-Atlantic flight, then you should consider paying Canada’s Banff a visit. Given that Banff is located at the center of the Canadian Rockies next to the southeastern edge of the Banff National Park, going on a trip here will reduce your flight time from the US, and consequently, you will also significantly cut down your expenses.

Even though Banff is rich in adventure opportunities for the swashbucklers, it still caters to explorers who prefer ending the day in a fine hotel instead of roughing it at the campsites. Thus, you can choose your preferred sport, including hiking, skiing or biking, and whenever you feel worn out, you can retreat to your warm and comfy resort and fill up your depleted energy reserves with some bison beef.

5.      Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls is considered one of the most divine places you can visit here on earth. It is a growling 188-foot waterfall that will leave a lasting impression on anyone who will ever have the pleasure of experiencing its magnificence. The river falls at high speed, resulting in a misty fog coupled with a distinctive rumble that can be heard from miles and miles away.

Over the past couple of years, Niagara has transformed into one of the most sought-after honeymoon location destinations. Thus, besides the striking waterfalls, you’ll also find a significant concentration of wedding chapels along with neon-lit hotels that offer stellar accommodation. Speaking of honeymoons and romantic getaways, the ice wine wineries of the adjacent Inniskillin Vineyard and the lavish scenery of the Niagara Parks Botanical Gardens are also a must-visit when you go to Niagara Falls to keep the flame of your romance burning bright during your stay.

Aside from the 5 places we’ve mentioned here, Canada is filled with some wondrous places that you can visit to relax or quench your adventurous thirst. Start with the five above if you have the time and, of course, the money, and you might end wanting to move to Canada for good!