A New Landscape for Mainstream Gaming -

A New Landscape for Mainstream Gaming


As mentioned Intel sent us their Core i5-10400 for review. Typically we’ll gaming CPUs on the prime segment flagship so in my case I use the Core i9-10900K, we also have the Core i7-10700K. I’ve linked my reviews to them so you can see how they perform. Now for more mainstream gamers, there’s the Core i5-10600K which I highly recommend as well. In what perhaps feels like a lifetime ago, the Core i5-10400 was in tighter contention in its pricing space. Right now, the Intel Core i5-10400 sits on a better pricing sweet spot for the lower-mainstream segment.

A lot of people are buying PCs right now. It has been our topic for discussion in our livestreams for the good part of a year since quarantine began and that hasn’t improved. With gaming providing an outlet to maintain one’s mental health throughout this global crisis, it has become apparent that gaming on an acceptable performance level has become a need, not just a luxury.

A New Landscape for Mainstream Gaming -

With discrete GPUs now offering excellent performance, you need a capable to leverage. That’s where my CPU review will focus. We’ll test the Core i5-10400 in our standard gaming suite compared to its bigger brother using the latest RTX 3070. That’s typically where I would draw the line for this card, but then again, you’d really get more mileage with a GPU upgrade than buying a more expensive CPU. Still, we’ll have to see the numbers.

Performance isn’t the entire story here. Price and availability is and in most cases, the Core i5-10400 is readily available and paired with a Z490 motherboard which are dropping in prices, you can leverage overclocked memories for even more performance.

Again, you’ll have to stay tuned to find out. See you in the next one.