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Bubblegum Imp

Bubblegum Imp

PS Vita TV: Sony’s Masterstroke

PS Vita TV: Sony’s Masterstroke

At Sony's pre-Tokyo Game Show event yesterday, the Japanese behemoth made a number of announcements which outline the strategy for its Playstation brand. On first glance, the big news items appear to be the PS4's Japanese launch date of 22 February 2014 and the announcement of the revamped Vita, a lighter, thinner model which comes with one gigabyte of internal memory and an additional hour of battery life. However, it was the unveiling of the PS Vita TV which paints an intriguing picture of the company's plans. Vita colors for everyone! Enter PS Vita TV A US$99 (US$150 with a...

Xbox One: Microsoft’s Bid for the Masses

The customer is always right. But, what happens when a corporation's goals no longer align with the demands and expectations of its loyal consumer base? What happens when the follow-up to said corporation's most successful console is unveiled, boasting features which neglect, or outright challenge the wishes of its audience. As we've seen following Microsoft's unveiling of the Xbox One, the result has been a potent cocktail of confusion, incredulity and anger. A significant portion of the vitriol can be attributed to expectations. Being the last of the Big Three to unveil its latest entry in the console wars, it was...

5 Reasons Torchlight II Will Be a Better Game than Diablo III

Since its release back in mid-May, Diablo III has come under fire for a number of reasons. Some were justified (Error 37), while some were a little out there (Jay Wilson is anti-fun!). The frustration appears to stem from the perception that Activision Blizzard had the game dumbed-down to make it more appealing to a wider audience (read: WoW players). It's a good thing that Action RPG fans will soon have another option; one which is shaping up to be a far more faithful spiritual successor to Blizzard North's Diablo II. Like Diablo III, Torchlight's visuals adopt a painterly aesthetic....

The Highs & Lows of E3 2012

E3 2012 has lacked the historic lows of a Jamie Kennedy or Mr Caffeine, but that doesn't mean the event hasn't been a crushing disappointment. Punctuated by a lack of surprises and conferences dominated by feature-sets as opposed to games, E3 2012 is a victim of generational transition. With the Wii U releasing by the end of this year and the impending announcements of the Xbox 720 and Playstation 4, it's clear that the platform holders are saving their big announcements for the near-future. That said, it wasn't all bad news. There were a number of really cool games on...

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